Hargeon Town

Hargeon Town

Hargeon Town (ハルジオン, Harujion) is a large port town.


Hargeon is located in the southern part of the island of Fiore in the East Blue region, near Magnolia Town.


Hargeon is one of the Fiore's ports and also one of its most beautiful old towns, arranged at multiple levels, more prosperous in fishing than Magic, because only 10% of the people in the town can use Magic. Like any port city, it has its own large marina, located in the southern part of town (though it was destroyed by Dragneel Natsu during his fight with Bora). There is also a nice park with numerous benches and fountains.





  • Harujion is the name of a flowering plant, which matches the theme of Fiore (Italian word for "flower") and some of its cities.



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