Mini Mini Mi

The Mini-Mini Fruit

The Mini-Mini Fruit (ミニミニ実, Mini Mini Mi) is a Paramythia-type Cursed Fruit that allows the user the become smaller than their actual size. The fruit was eaten by Lily Enstomach.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


As shown by Lily, the main strength of this Cursed Fruit is for the user to shrink in size for suitable situations like evading enemy attacks and to retaliate. Lily has stated that she can use the fruit to slip inside her enemies' bodies and then grow, making them burst into pieces. She also showed that she was as powerful in her small form as in her original form, being able to lift Franky and Luffy with ease while being thumb sized.


However, her strength is still inferior to beings that are naturally stronger than her in either form, as seen when Luffy managed to halt her thrusting her fork, and even succeeded at throwing her gigantic form into the sea.

This fruit does not seem to have any specific weaknesses, aside from the standard Cursed Fruit weaknesses.


For giants like Lily, they are capable of shrinking down to a smaller size, making it easier for them to interact with humans and smaller creatures, as well as gain flexibility in terms of avoiding attacks.

It also seems that their clothes along with their weapons change size to match their abilities; it is shown as when Lily's fork grow larger when she turn into her normal, giant form.



Mini-Mini Full Rebound

  • Mini-Mini Full Rebound (ミニミニフルリバウンド, Mini Mini Furu Ribaundo): Lily changes back to her original giant size.


  • This fruit is the only Cursed Fruit so far that has been eaten by a giant.
  • This is the second Cursed Fruit to have two different known users, the first being the Tremor-Tremor Fruit.


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