now what i am about to do is to explain natsu dragneel and his magic fire dragon slayer magic.first, im gonna start of by talking about natsu's magic fire dragon slayer,fire dragon slayer is a type of magic thats is basiclly concicted of fire.this magic was taught to natsu by igneel the fire dragon king,the first move of fire dragon slayer is the fire dragons iron fist, the way this magic technique works is that natsu has to ignite his hand on fire then he has to pack a large amount of force in this blow so it can either lead the opponent into a fattality or a massive the inpact of this punch would have to be 9,000,000 pounds of force in this on blow so this is how deadly this magic can is fire dragons lung,basiclly natsu can breethe in his opponents flames if the opponent has the right magic and it can replenish his magic cause in fight he tents to burn through his magic quickly.the very next move of fire dragon slayer magic is fire dragons roar,this move can make natsu blow fire like a real dragon buts this move requires a lot of magic,now this next move is more of a new stage in dragon slayer magic this move is called the dragon force,this boost natsu's strenght and magic and even kinda makes him look like a dragon and i almost forgotten this dragon force can only be wielded by dragon slayers like rogue or sting. and natsu's greatest move the fire dragon king mode,this makes natsu drong enough to wipeout entire villages but some times its not in his will to do that and yes i know is i bet you said its to good to be true well it is ladys and gentlemen have goodnight.

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